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Airsoft Enthusiasts in the Towson, Maryland Area

Update: Hiatus

As of 2013 the Towson Rangers have been on indefinite leave. We will update this page if and when that changes and the rangers return to the mock battlefield.

Last updated July 22, 2014.


Towson Rangers Airsoft Wins Community Award

 The Towson Rangers have been awarded an Airsoft Community Award by Airsoft Guns Warehouse.

 "We at are proud to present you with an Airsoft Community Award for your website and the airsoft community it fosters. We like to call attention to the many webmasters, forums, and enthusiasts that go out of their way to run a website promoting an airsoft community. Towson Rangers Airsoft is definitely a group we’d like to include on our list of recognized airsoft communities!"

Sponsored: AirsoftHero!

The Towson Rangers are now sponsored by AirsoftHero, an online airsoft retailer based out of Baltimore, MD. We are very excited about this opportunity as both organizations strive to play a larger role in the airsoft world.

Check out their website and rapidly expanding inventory for your airsoft and tactical gear needs!

Fixed: Contact TR Page

We've encountered a problem with our Contact TR page wherein submitted forms were being lost in the inner workings of the website - this should now be fixed. We have recovered the lost forms, so if you submitted one you should be getting a response from us shortly if you haven't already.

Update: Website

We've fixed the sidebar and it's going to be a permanent addition. We will remove the obsolete link to the Sign In/Register page later this week, because the sidebar provides the same, albeit improved functionality.

Update: Ranger Camp

Ranger Camp will not meet on the 28th of December. We will reschedule that day to one of our rain dates. 

Ranger Camp 2010:

    Be advised! Ranger Camp is just around the corner-get Ready to take your training to the next level in this challenging full week of training. Tailored to old and new Rangers alike-these practices will push you harder than before-and you will be tested mentally, physically, and tactically-but those of you who make it through all five days will emerge as a stronger player, and a stronger team. Are you up to the Challenge?

Victory @ Op: Battle of the Bulge 2010!

        Way to hold the line Rangers! Allied forces repelled all German advances at OA Chesapeake City's Operation: Battle of the Bulge 2010. It was a decisive victory, due in no small part to the training and effort you Rangers to put into the team's preparation in the weeks prior to our deployment. Command is happy to announce that Operation Jacuzzi was a complete success. Our very own Walrus served as an allied field commander, and two of our recruits got a real taste of combat! Footage documenting Ranger operations during the battle should be posted soon-Thanks to the embedded Gino Mascoti. Once again the Rangers had the pleasure of fighting alongside SOG of Maryland-together our two teams really gave the krauts hell! Thanks to Lee D and all the OA staff for another great OP!

       Rangers looked good out there-keep it up!

Battle of the Bulge 2010:

    The Rangers will be dropping a full squad into this years Op: Battle of the Bulge at OA Chesapeake City. We will be fighting along Maryland's very own SOG, DOW, and DTK. As always Rangers will pull out all the stops for the Annual WW2 themed op-so stay frosty. To name a few exciting new prospects-expect lots of Pyro and the new Ranger Team Patch.

         A Documentary element will be embedded with the team for the duration of this Operation. So make sure to stay and look sharp.

         Lead the way Rangers!

    the lovely M.O.L.L.E. Molly

Operation: Villa's Revenge

    Great Work out there Rangers! It was a close game, hard fought by both sides. And though the Cartel won narrowly in the end, this was no loss for the Rangers. Everywhere we were fighting that day I heard other players saying that they thought the tide of the battle was turning in favor of the Loyalist Forces. We succeeded in almost every mission assigned to us, and I watched proudly as the Rangers pushed back an early assault on our CP and established a defensive perimeter, captured territory flags, Recovered heavy weapons, ammo, medical supplies, and water.

    A few of the new Recruits got their baptism by fire at this Op-To these brave few we commend you! You showed your training and kept your cool right in the thick of it with the rest of the Team. You guys earned your wings-keep it up!


    OpFor Airsoft has recently added the Towson Rangers to its list of sponsored teams. We here at the Rangers are very excited about this opportunity and hope that it will benefit both groups as they strive to play an even bigger role in Maryland Airsoft!

    Here is their website!


Back From The Front!

  Jake "Walrus" Barnhart has recently returned from Operation Pine Plains 4, and boy does he have some tales to tell. This event was unlike anything the Rangers have ever experienced. Thanks to all the guys who helped Walrus get ready and able for this challenge-you know who you are.

  A brief meeting will be held soon so that the guys interested in hearing about the event can. Listen up! the lessons learned here are going to come in handy next year when we all start deploying at OPP5! 

Go Get Um' Rangers!

   Ranger Baker and Charlie are deploying an OP Nuclear Dawn tomorrow. For most it will be their first taste of action since the winter storms. You are back in the frying pan boys-Good Luck!

 RANGERS HOORAH!               

   Knockout Betty says "Go Get Em' Boys!"

Operation Pine Plains IV:

  Alright-should registration allow-Sam Palmer and Jake Barnhart will be attending OPPIV this May with MEF's 3rd squad. There we will be working closely with Warpig and his boys at SOG. Sam and Jake are busting ass to make sure that they are truly prepared for this level of MILSIM, and I am confident that they will succeed in overcoming these new challenges, as we have in the past.

  OPP is a higher caliber of MILSIM than the Rangers have yet experienced-Hosted on Fort Drums MOUT facilities, the operation spans over three days with over 20 hours of continuous combat. The simulation is intense and detailed, every participant can expect to have his mind, body, and skills tested and strained to the limits. 

  Pathfinder Recruits, this is what you are training for, your mouths should be watering right now.... It's a healthy response.

So You Want To Be A Pathfinder?

Intel on the the experimental Ranger MILSIM squad, the Pathfinders, is up now. Think you have what it takes to be part of this elite unit? Then fill out an application for your desired position in the Recruiting Offices section of our forum. The roster is up and only 12 spots are available, so sign up soon!

Pathfinder Sessions

Rangers will be having frequent practices to start off this new year. Check all of our sites for new events and info! Remember you must maintain your minimum training attendence Stay posted

Battle of the Bulge Warning Order

With OA Bowie's last event less than a week away it looks like this Op is going to be one for the history books. Stay Frosty Rangers-and check our forums for updates and info on the OP. HOORAH!

Mac Caltrider is off to Boot Camp

Just wanted to let everyone know that our very own Mac Caltrider has as of this morning left for Boot Camp. For those of you who were not already aware Mac is joining the Marines, he will be without access to internet or a phone for the next thirteen weeks at least. As of now I do not know when he will be deployed.

I wanted also to ask that everyone keep Mac in their thoughts. I know he is going to make an outstanding Marine, but that shouldn't stop us from rooting for him. So give em' hell Mac--Do work son!

Operation: Battle of the Bulge 2009

alright it looks like the bulk of the team will be missing Op Sandstorm-but that said we should then be attending MAAPR's only WW2 themed game OA's Battle of the Bulge in full force!-so shine your jump boots, dust off those jump wings, and ...prepare for the green light boys. As a group of paratroopers we have no excuse for missing this op-so mark your calenders!

Operation: Crisis Blaze II AAR

HOORAH! way to lead the way Rangers! we really gave those marines hell! Im proud of all of you and had a great time-Thanks to all the Staff at PBSL and MAAPR for hosting and organizing a great OP!